Wood packing

3 / 4 / 6 colour printers

Our printers can print on any kind of wood surface (veneer, plywood, masonite, mdf. Etc): our machines can work with traditional inks and UV inks.

Printer line + UV 6 colour oven Brush and dust vacuum unit
Printer unit UV drying oven
Printer line + UV 4 colour oven Printed panel collection belt
Extractable printer unit Ink mixer unit
Printing plate roller Ink loader
Printing plate chase roller Fiberglass printing plate chase


The automatic debarkers of Ferri are the result of a long process which started with constant application and research. These machines are able to meet all needs in debarking various types of trunks and barks. The structure consists of a compact steel tower of excellent quality. Power is delivered through two high precision conical roller units which introduce trunks perfectly centred. The rotors of the machines are mounted on a special roller bearing consisting of two ball races and a double roller crown with support and thrust action. Six steel blades are mounted (2 cutters, 4 debarkers) with special hard metal cutting edges.

Automatic debarker F630 model Balanced trunk feeder belt
Trunk feed roller transmission unit Fly-wheel unit
Cutter and scraper blade unit Blade tension spring
Roller arm gas damper spring Outfeed roller unit